Whoever said LEADERSHIP was easy?

Standing up will mean you naturally get criticised. It is not easy, but it is important

It is said that 63% of employees do not trust in leaders (Forbes).

The Deloittes report on millennials notes that the majority of leaders do not work along ethical grounds but of course, it is just not that simple. Leadership has been called into question and yet it plays such an important role in our daily lives. Most leaders strive to make a difference but face many pressures and challenges.

No one ever said leadership was an easy position to hold. It has always been the case but most especially in the modern transparent world – standing up and being different will invariably lead to a division of opinion and criticism. Often it can be painful, mainly as many leaders know they too are on a journey of good and bad.

However, ask any leader and very few will regret being a leader. They will have felt the pains of the role but they will be proud of holding leadership positions. They have often strived to make a difference.

It is important that we stand up for the importance of leadership and once again inspire young people to want to aspire to become leaders. Why? Research is telling us increasing numbers do not trust in leaders and do not wish to hold leadership roles. Understandable given the level of criticism but maybe the balance has not been right.  Most hotel GM’s will feel privileged to lead their teams. They will enjoy the challenge of building a team and providing great service. Many great chefs love building great restaurants and strong brigades.

Leadership is not for all but it is one of the greatest of challenges and will define a person.