Ritrovo for YOU

Ritrovo for YOU

Life is so busy and complex that many people forget how important you are.

History has long taught us that strong economies exist when there is open, upward social mobility and opportunity. This is even more important than ever today as we seek to rebuild. It is important that young people do see the opportunity for their own growth and wealth attainment plus have the ability to see real change.

You are the future and our mission at Ritrovo is to support you in becoming a leader who makes a positive impact in the future. This is about re-imagining your future. Ritrovo is about helping you build your confidence through being able to readily find and access world-class resources to help you to be successful on your own personal leadership journey.

Building Trust and Embracing Failure

In a world where trust has declined and leaders have been called into question, it is important that leadership is once again repositioned as an important aspiration and trust is once again placed at the heart of day-to-day life.

There is a genuine shift taking place: trust is no longer seen as “having to be earnt” but as a choice. There is a need to trust in talent and to allow emerging leaders to fail. There has been too much fear over failure in recent times.

Embracing failure is all part of learning and is the critical pillar for future success.  We all have to live with both success and failure. As Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If’ says:

‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, And treat those two impostors just the same…

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.’

Correcting these issues is a major task. We can start by rebuilding trust and developing an alliance or marriage between generations where the knowledge and lessons of experience of the leaders of today is passed down to the leaders of tomorrow.

At Ritrovo we are all driven by a desire to create change and see trust rebuilt and we’re passionate about supporting emerging talent.

This is all about enabling young talent so we can build a stronger and better future.

The Art of You

An important aspect of leadership for young professionals is learning how to develop a culture of excellence including:

How to face the world of work and build an approach to excellence.

Do you feel comfortable talking with senior people?

Do you enjoy conversation and building relationships?

Do you know how to network effectively?

Are you at ease in the way that you dress and present yourself?

One of the most crucial skillsets is how we act and interact with others. It is a way of being – and it’s a craft in itself. It’s a mindset and is about placing other people first and having a genuine interest in learning about others.

When you break it down,  excellence often comes from things that everyone has in their own armoury: having purpose and choosing to trust, to communicate, to listen and to influence via how one behaves.

It has nothing to do with social standing or education, but it is a skill and craft that helps one become an effective leader. It impacts on both business and family. It impacts on friendships and networks.

People need interaction. Teaching and development lie in learning how to maximise those skills which can really make a difference in a career and as a leader.

You often tell your own story through yourself: in how you dress, how you listen, how you interact, how you care, and how you act.

MyRitrovo App

Launching in June 2021, the MyRitrovo App is the gateway to the Ritrovo Digital Platform.

Here you’ll find a dynamic and engaging environment designed to enable your own personal leadership journey in the company of inspiring leaders of today and like-minded leaders of tomorrow from around the globe.

It is designed to foster the building of trust, to normalise and embrace failure as a vital source of building lessons in leadership and to provide access to resources to support you in developing your own personal culture of excellence.

Ritrovo App - Leadership

Ritrovo Inspire

Within the Library at Ritrovo Inspire you’ll discover a rich trove of curated content, a highlight of which is the personal learnings of leaders from across multiple industries and from across the world. 

Over 120 leaders are providing their personal insights into what success and failure means to them, what they would tell their 18-year-old selves and sharing deeply personal moments that have influenced them.

These include stories of exceptional moments of kindness shown by strangers, to working with the passionate and extraordinary, to being inspired by a moment in time. Each has their own story and overall, it illustrates the extraordinary journeys that many do enjoy and endure during a career.

These candid insights from leaders of today, anchored in their own experiences of both success and failure offer a great source of inspiration, wherever you are on your own personal leadership journey.

Ritrovo Engage

Upgrade to Ritrovo Engage where you’ll meet with like-minded people from around the world in the Ritrovo knowledge-sharing & interactive social networks.

Engage in on-line discussions and share your personal learnings on the topics that matter to you.

Mentoring & Coaching

If you’re at a key stage on your own leadership journey, it’s where you can explore our portfolio of Leaders who have agreed to offer their personal support as mentors, and select and engage the person with whom to actively partner as you navigate this important stage in your career.

Mentors help open your mind to greater understanding and opportunity which so often is missed as our lives are so fast paced. A mentor will help you develop your soft and hard skills and begin to broaden your perspective to see a wider picture.

Today’s business landscape is changing all the time and is very complex so having a guide who can help you reflect, learn and grow can only be an asset.

Working with a proven, experienced mentor will help your confidence grow, helping you to see opportunities and enabling you to test your thinking with some of the best.

Ritrovo Digital Platform – Participation Levels

  • Access to all Curated Content in the Ritrovo Library
  • Discounts off Ritrovo Events
  • Notifications about latest news and updates
  • All of Ritrovo Inspire PLUS
  • Join Knowledge Sharing Forums
  • Participate in virtual live events
  • Create and share content for others to learn from and enjoy
  • Access and select a Mentor
  • Access and select a Mentor
  • 2 hours each month excluding calls and emails
  • Minimum 3 month commitment

To find out about how Ritrovo can help with your leadership journey, please get in touch with us today.