Ritrovo for EDUCATION

Ritrovo for EDUCATION

Join the Global Leadership Development Community at Ritrovo

When does a leadership journey begin?  When is it too early to be inspired by the stories of great leaders, inspirational videos and content, to access their thinking, behaviours and learnings to help shape your own life and your own leadership journey?

At Ritrovo, we believe that you are never too young to start to learn the life skills and behaviours that form the foundation for becoming a great leader.   A thirst for continuous learning and a restlessness to continue to improve are among the main attributes of great leaders … and there’s no minimum age to light this spark! At Ritrovo we’re creating a Leadership Development Community where leaders of today are embracing the opportunity to fuel this in the young as they begin their journeys. 

Learn from the BEST

Bill Toner – CEO – CH&Co Group

Clarissa Farr – Author, International Speaker, Mentor

Could your School, College or University benefit from becoming an active participant in the global leadership development community at Ritrovo? You could create inspirational opportunities for your students, and enable them to gain inspiration from great leaders from all walks of life, industries and geographies.

Frameworks for Schools and Leader Visits

The Ritrovo Community aims to develop frameworks with schools which are consistent across all.  It has always been in our thoughts that this process starts with inspiring those aged 14-18 through how we work with young talents to develop their own growth mind-sets and desire to challenge, as well as through developing their confidence and thinking.

As part of this, and in collaboration with individual schools, we plan to bring great leaders and all they have to offer to schools to support and inspire the leaders of the future to continue, or embark on, their continuous learning leadership journey.

The career journey has become ever more serious, with so many pressures, so it’s more important than ever to actively engage with the young to help develop their own beliefs and thought structures as they start on their own paths.

Our vision is to develop bespoke frameworks which create an ongoing continuous process of learning, ensuring that this is not just about a one off event, but rather, a consistent process of working in partnership with a school to bring perspectives from those who have led and want to give back.

From great speakers to inspirational and valuable events where growth and knowledge sharing is seamless, inspirational and fun.

We are here to make a difference.

Ritrovo Digital Platform – Participation Levels


Company Participants Chat and Comms on MyRitrovo App

15 Ritrovo Engage Licences

Annual Fee:  £900
Staff: £70.00
Pupils/Students:  £30


Company Participants Chat and Comms on MyRitrovo App

40 Ritrovo Engage Licenses

Annual Fee:  £2700
Staff:  £70
Students:  £30


Exclusive Company knowledge share and Library sections

40 Ritrovo Engage Licenses

Annual Fee: £4,000
Staff:  £90
Students: £45

To learn more about Ritrovo for Education and the opportunities for your place of learning to join Ritrovo, please contact us.