Ritrovo for BUSINESS

Ritrovo for BUSINESS

Ritrovo for Business provides your organization with a unique opportunity to create your own secure private leadership development community.

This enables your employees who are on their own personal leadership journey to be part of both the global Ritrovo community and your own organization’s leadership development community, all on one easy-to-access dynamic digital platform.  

The multi-dimensional Leadership Development opportunity

In addition to being part of the global Ritrovo community, engaging with like-minded people from around the world and accessing lessons from a rich and diverse community of leaders from many walks of life, Ritrovo for business enables your organization to have its own private area on Ritrovo’s digital platform. You can create your own private leadership development communities and offer exclusive content for the emerging leaders in your organization.

Learn from the BEST

Carrie Wicks – Founder & Managing Director –  CAW Ventures

Graeme Smith – Managing Director – EMEA Head of Financial Advisory Services – AlixPartners

Creating your Organization’s private Leadership Development Community on Ritrovo

Ritrovo for Business Premium enables organizations to establish their own private leadership development community, enabling both current leaders and emerging leaders within your organization to engage together on this most critical aspect of business – Leadership Development. 

Power your organization’s future by enabling your leaders of tomorrow to engage with and learn from your leaders of today.

Partnering with Universities, Colleges & Schools

Ritrovo for Business also opens up the potential for your organization to partner with Educational establishments. It offers the opportunity to create a shared environment that enables the leadership community of your organization to connect with a School or University Leadership team, Faculty staff and students to create a live and dynamic learning and development community that creates real value for all stakeholders. 

Partnering organizations can strengthen perhaps an existing relationship with a University or a School to access some of the latest leadership thinking being taught and to start to forge relationships with students who may become employees and some of your leaders of the future.

Educational establishments can access insights and learnings on a real-time basis from the leadership development community in an organization that is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of leaders.

The young people at the School, College or University gain the invaluable opportunity of being part of knowledge sharing networks that include developing and existing leaders who all share a passion for developing leaders of tomorrow. The personal and professional development opportunities could be literally priceless!

Ritrovo Digital Platform – Participation Levels


Company Participants Chat and Comms on MyRitrovo App

15 Ritrovo Engage Licences:

Annual Fee: £1,000
Additional Participants:  £70 each

40 Engage Licenses:

Annual Fee:  £3,000
Additional Participants:  £70 each


Exclusive Company knowledge share and Library sections

40 Ritrovo Engage Licenses

Annual Fee:  £4,750
Additional Participants:  £90 each


Connected Comms and Chat

40 Ritrovo Engage Licenses

Annual Fee:  £2,750
Staff:  £70 each
Students:  £30 each

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