Meet the TEAM

Meet the TEAM

About Us

The founding team of Ritrovo is a vastly experienced team of people who have come from very different backgrounds and achieved different successes in their respective careers.

Chris Sheppardson

Chris is founder of EP Business in Hospitality (founded 2005) and Chess Partnership (founded 1998) as well as the author of six books on topics including leadership, sport, hotels in London and sustainability and service.

He is also a trustee of the charitable arm of the Oxford Cultural Collective, and is on the board of Governors for The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.

He is an advisor to a number of young, growing businesses.

Lauran Bush

Lauran grew up in South Africa, becoming a lawyer for 14 years both in South Africa and London.

In 2014, Lauran took the leap to change her career and become an entrepreneur, founding a business called Kind Cakes which was ahead of its time in using allergen-free products.

In 2016, Lauran joined Chris at EP with a focus on supporting entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels

Kathryn has had a 28-year career with American Express in the US, Hong Kong and the UK where she has held senior Marketing and Client Relationship roles.

She was formerly International Marketing Director for PAUL.

A strong advocate for women, Kathryn is an inspirational mentor and coach.

Abigail Tan

Abigail is CEO of the St. Giles Hotel Group for Europe and US.

She is the founder of Hotels with Heart, a company charitable initiative which aims to develop partnerships and programmes that can make positive impacts at the roots of issues such as homelessness and building a brighter future for the troubled youth in our communities.

Abigail flies helicopters, runs marathons and abseils down buildings for charities.

She is a great example of a modern emerging leader.

Simon Halliday

Simon Halliday is an England Rugby International who played in the Rugby World Cup Final in ‘91 and was a Grand Slam winner.

Simon was part of Lehman Brothers in its successes, and at its close.

He has become Chair of European professional Club Rugby and is the Founder and CEO of the Sporting Wine Club.


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